Pakora Recipes Indian Pakistani Pakoda Recipe

Pakora a.k.a pakoda is a fried snack popular in South Asia especially in India and Pakistan.Pakora is usually made of besan, different vegetables like potato, onion, spinach and cauliflower etc and also with chicken and sometimes with mushroom, cheese(paneer) and bread.Try easy quick and delicious Indian and Pakistani Pakora Recipes in Hindi, Urdu and English from our Ramadan Recipes Collection and add taste to you Iftar menu.
Types of Pakora
There are a many types and ways to make Pakora including:

paneer pakora recipe
cheese pakora
cauliflower pakora
gobi pakora
mushroom pakora
prawn pakora
potato pakoras
aloo pakora recipe
pakora sauce recipe
pakoda recipe
fish pakora
vegetable pakora
chinese pakora
chicken pakora
paneer pakora
bread pakora
indian pakora
dal pakora
spinach pakora

Pakora Recipe Video

Pakora Recipes Videos by Famous Pakistani and Indian Chefs of Masala tv, Zauq Tv and other food tv channels are also available including:

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
Chef Rahat
Chef Gulzar
Chef Maeda Raht
Chef Zakir Hussain

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